Mr. Build Solar has the expertise and engineering needed to maximize your solar project. We offer unique financing options and deliver the greatest possible return on investment. Boasting solar and utility knowledge together with a specialized design department Solar Design handles all aspects of solar installations including technology, design and engineering, installation, real time monitoring, and ongoing Operations and Maintenance. 

We can build the following  solar system for your business
  • Rooftop Mounted System
  • Ground Mounted System
  • Solar Canopies
  • Solar Tracking system

Rooftop and Ground Mounted - Leading edge systems provide the best commercial solar system solutions available at the best value.

Solar Canopies – Transform open parking areas into secure power generation with shaded parking and strong returns on underutilized commercial real estate assets.

When you add solar photovoltaic to your business you can generate clean, renewable electricity any time the sun is shining.

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What is the largest size system that I can buy?

The cost of a solar installation depends on many variables, including the application, the site characteristics and the available incentives. Generally, our solar PV systems are designed to provide a substantial net savings in energy costs over their lifetime.

How much money will it save me?


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Actual savings varies based on system size, location, and your electric rate structure. A typical solar PV system is designed to reduce your energy bill by 30% to 60%.

What is the financial Pay-Back period for a solar PV system?

Actual payback varies depending on the system installed cost, location, size, and electrical rate structure. Typical payback periods are between 7 and 14 years for residential systems and 5 to 12 years for commercial systems.

Are there still any rebates to help pay for them?

Yes. See our incentives and rebates information for options available in your area.

Can you provide financing to help make these systems more affordable?

Mr. Build Solar has financing partners for large commercial installations – our projects team will typically introduce you to the most appropriate for your location and application.

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Mr. Build Solar offers complete Installation services on a subcontracting basis.

Do you have a Residential or Commercial project and need expert Solar Panel, Solar Heating, or Solar Pool Heating Installation?  We offer complete subcontracting services.

We can provide a complete, turn key project:

  • We can draft your Solar plans
  • We can incorporate the latest Solar Panels
  • We know the Permit process and can acquire all permits
  • We provide complete Installation Services
  • We can install the highest quality Racking Systems
  • We can install the latest Inverters
  • We can create an All-In-One System, or
  • We can do your Installation

What do you need? Contact Mr. Build Solar for a Free Subcontracting Consultation Today.

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