Imagine not only decreasing the size of your electric bill while supplying your family with hot water,but generating enough excess electrical power to become an electric provider by creating a Mini-Grid. Imagine having solar-generated electricity stored in a Solar Battery Backup system and a surplus to sell BACK to the power utility. Residential Solar Installations are making this a reality all across Southern and Northern California. This is not science fiction, it is science fact. Homeowners across California have discovered the benefits and savings of Home Solar Power systems. They have discovered they can offset their costs with tax and even utility rebates.


Panels for your home have far reaching benefits

  • Guaranteed lower power bills for at least 25 years.
  • Your home solar panels will not contribute to environmental pollution.
  • If your panels produce more energy than you use, the power company will pay you for it.
  • Panels are strong enough to withstand a hail strike falling at over 50 mph.
  • At 20 years they should still be operating at around 83%.
  • While not at maximum output, home solar panels will save money, even on cloudy days.
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The cost of a solar installation depends on many variables, including the application, the site characteristics and the available incentives. Generally, our solar PV systems are designed to provide a substantial net savings in energy costs over their lifetime. Actual savings varies based on system size, location, and your electric rate structure. A typical solar PV system is designed to reduce your energy bill by 30% to 60%.


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CaliforniaFIRST is a government-backed financing program from national energy finance leader Renew Financial. It provides upfront funding for your home energy efficiency, renewable energy, and water-saving improvements. Simply apply, work with a CaliforniaFirst Registered Contractor, like MR. BUILD SOLAR, to complete the projects, and repay the financing on your property tax bill over the course of up to 25 years.

With CaliforniaFIRST, there are no out of pocket costs and acceptance is not based on your FICO score.

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What is the financial Pay-Back period for a solar PV system?

Actual payback varies depending on the system installed cost, location, size, and electrical rate structure. Typical payback periods are between 7 and 14 years for residential systems and 5 to 12 years for commercial systems.

Are there still any rebates to help pay for them?

Yes. Contact Mr. Build Solar for a complete list for information on incentives and rebates available in your area.

Can you provide financing to help make these systems more affordable?

Most residential end-users can finance the system with a home equity loan of some form. Contact Mr. Build Solar for more information on Financing. 

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The main practical distinction between buying and leasing a solar PV system is in ownership. If you buy a solar panel system, you own the system, either outright (if purchasing with cash) or after repaying your solar loan. If you lease the system or sign a power purchase agreement (PPA), a third party owns the solar panel system.

This distinction impacts the cost, maintenance, terms, financial offsets, and savings/returns on investment of your solar panel system. In addition, not all companies offer solar leases and/or PPAs—confirm that your chosen provider offers the financing option that you want most. Note that PPAs are not legally permitted in many areas.

Purchasing a solar panel system with cash, or financing a purchase with a solar loan, is your best option when you…

  • Want to maximize the financial benefits of installing a solar panel system, rather than solely benefitting from the system’s environmental benefits;
  • Are eligible to reduce your federal and state tax liability through the federal investment tax credit;
  • Are a business, and can realize tax benefits by treating the solar panel system as a depreciable asset; and/or
  • Want to increase the market value of your home by installing a solar panel system.

A solar lease/PPA is your best option when you…

  • Are primarily interested in using electricity generated from renewable resources, rather than maximizing the financial benefits of installing a solar panel system;
  • Want to avoid the responsibility of maintenance or repairs for a solar panel system;
  • Are ineligible for federal or state investment tax credits resulting from your investment in a solar panel system; and/or
  • Do not want to wait until the following year to receive the financial benefits of tax credits.

Compare and contrast: buying and leasing solar

There are practical differences in cost, maintenance, terms, opportunities for financial offsets, and savings/returns on investment, depending on the financing decision that you make.

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