One solar project at a time, Mr. Build Solar is helping the San Diego residents to live cleaner and save money. By harnessing the free power of the sun through the use of rooftop solar installations, many San Diego residents are either lowering their power bills, or doing away with them completely. Mr. Build Solar is an American company that uses American products. Couple this with local workers and you have a healthy economy booster.

Solar Panels for Your Home

Along with the increase in solar panel technology, there comes the increase in usage by San Diego residents. Home owners are taking advantage of local, state, and federal programs in order to get projects funded and installed. Relief from high oppressive power bills for many is only a dream. The elimination of a power bill is a reality for others.

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Solar Panels for Your Business

Parks in the San Diego area will save millions over the next 25 years. The Recreational and Parks District have added what is called solar carport canopies. These solar panel canopies will provide covered parking for visitors and generate much needed electrical power for the parks. Any business with rooftop space or a parking lot is a prime candidate for a solar canopy. Sunshine, which once beamed down doing damage to employee’s vehicles, can now be used to provide huge savings to the company. The shaded parking is just a little added value for installing one of these solar carports.

How Solar Panels Work in San Diego

The sun shines an average of 268 days a year in San Diego, which is quite a lot of days that a solar system can operate at full capacity. This is leading more business owners toward purchasing grid tie solar systems every day. 

With a free consultation with Mr. Build Solar, you can learn just what system would be right for you. Also, you may learn of financing options and programs that you were not aware of before. Don’t wait any longer, remember, money saved is money earned.

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