If you are considering adding solar panels to your Santa Clarita or Valencia home or business, you are part of a fast growing trend. Thousands of businesses and homeowners are already reaping the rewards for their solar panel projects. Mr. Build Solar is bringing satisfaction and savings to new customers every day.

With their solid reputation in the area, Mr. Build Solar is the leading choice for getting your solar project off the ground. With the economy being what it is, any project these days needs to be carefully planned out. Mr. Build Solar will assist in helping make all the right choices, from the design stage, through installation and maintenance.

Solar Panels For Your Home

With the increasing support of state, local, and federal governments, there has never been a better time for home solar panel projects. Adding solar panels to a home is the biggest money saving plan you can put in place. Thinking of selling your home a few years down the road? Imagine what a huge selling point a home has when the home comes with either no power bill, or a very small one.

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Solar Panels For Your Business

Many business owners seem to be on the fence when it comes to installing solar panel projects.  The Santa Clarita Transit Maintenance Facility is not. The Transit Maintenance Facility installed a solar canopy project that will save an average of $137,080 dollars per year. Their project will provide them with 97% of the electricity they need to operate.  No matter how you look at it, those savings are incredible.

How Solar Panels Work In Santa Clarita & Valencia

With over 589 major solar installation projects completed, Santa Clarita is ranked 21st on the California solar cities list. With incentive programs in place to benefit both home owners and business owners, Santa Clarita is primed to become much greener. As a property owner you will be faced with a couple of options concerning solar installation, whether to lease or buy. If you choose to lease your system from a company, keep in mind that you will not actually own the system.

Should you decide to sell your property in a few years, you could run into a few issues with the owners of the system. If you choose to buy a solar system, your property value goes up. In this case, should you choose to sell the property a few years down the road, your property is worth more and will be easier to sell. As the owner of the system, you will qualify for Solar Federal Tax credits, State Tax credits, and other cash rebates and incentives. The free electricity for the next 25-40 years will not hurt your feelings either. This beautiful sun drenched city receives over 300 days of sunshine each year. Mr. Build Solar stands poised and ready to help residents and businesses take full advantage of this free energy.

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